Tujia Weeping-marriage

There is a rule that Tujia daughters get married have to cry, it requires the crying sound must be moving and loud. Of course, there are special Weeping Songs, which are traditional crafts.

Wine bar Ceremony in Zhangjiajie

Wine-bar ceremony is an ancient customs in Miao cottage of Zhangjiajie, speaker performance is one of most distinctive and popular among miao people.

The Silver Ornament of Miao nationality

Miao nationality’s silver ornament is popular in the south-east of Guizhou province and Western Hunan.

Miao drums performance

Generally, Miao drums performance mainly has two types: one is for celebrating the New Year, and the other for celebrating the deity.

Zhangjiajie Tujia Ethnic Folk Garden

Have you ever been Zhangjiajie Tujia Ethnic Folk Garden? Do you want to learn more about Xiangxi culture?I think the Folk Garden is a good place to choose,which can provide you many customs about the great west area of Hunan province

Tujia Clothing

Different costumes is an important mark to distinguish different ethnic groups. With the development of era and social progress, though Tujia costumes has changed, it is still retains the traditional characteristics.

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