Zhangjiajie Tujia Bacon

People developed a habit of smoking bacon every year in Zhangjiajie Near the end of year, they will kill pig and make all meat as bacon

Zhangjiajie Corn Wine

zhangjiajie corn wine is a common drink among Tujia people With low cost, Tujia people can make this wine by using their own corn

Zhangjiajie Local Specialties and Souvenirs

Tujia Pasting Picture is a wonderful and unique work of art made of roots, branches, barks, stones and grass.

Wulingyuan Xibu Street

It is an only compound of water bar, the famous Chinese snack street, high street, Xiangxi folk shopping street, leisure inn, and creative workshop, as one of the travel walking street And it is travel culture collection

Maoyan Berry tea in Zhangjiajie

Maoyan, is the name of a river in Zhangjiajie, and is a tributary of Lishui River which runs through whole of Zhangjiajie. Because there are a lot of thatch rocks along the river, so it is named Maoyan River.

Zhangjiajie Pueraria Mirifica Powder

Pueraria Mirifica Powder is unique product in Zhangjiajie, and other places are difficult to buy. It is very valuable specialty of Zhangjiajie.

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