Fenghuang Blood Cake Duck

Blood Cake Duck is the most famous dishes in Fenghuang. If people begin to make this dish, they will put superior glutinous rice into water. When they slaughter the duck, they will leave its blood and soak into glutinous rice water.

Zhangjiajie Pueraria Mirifica Powder

Pueraria Mirifica Powder is unique product in Zhangjiajie, and other places are difficult to buy. It is very valuable specialty of Zhangjiajie.

Zhangjiajie Cold noodles and Liangpi

Eating cold noodles in Zhangjiajie can be regarded as a unique landscape. When you walk in the high streets, back lanes, outskirts or village, you can see people who sell cold noodles and eat cold noodles everywhere.

Maoyan Berry tea in Zhangjiajie

Maoyan, is the name of a river in Zhangjiajie, and is a tributary of Lishui River which runs through whole of Zhangjiajie. Because there are a lot of thatch rocks along the river, so it is named Maoyan River.

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