Zhangjiajie Maosao Inn-Boutique Hotel, Good Location

Most of the tourists think Zhangjiajie Maosao Inn have a Great location A nice hotel located in the main street with a lot of cafe and shops around it The hotel have very helpful staff, all of The Receptionists is friendly and helpful and speaks English

Zhangjiajie Best Western Hotel

Zhangjiajie Best western hotel is located in zhangjiajie city area, only 15 minutes to the airport and 11 minutes to Zhangjiajie Railway Station It is a very good choice when your flight is in the midnight

Fenghuang Phoenix Grand Hotel

Fenghuang Phoenix Grand Hotel is the best one among the big hotel in Fenghuang ancient town It is not far away from the acient town

Zhangjiajie Jianghan Hotel

zhangjiajie Jianghang hotel is a four star hotel, located in Wulingyuan scenic area, it s very convenient to the national forest park, baofneg lake, yellow dragon cave

Zhangjiajie Dachengshanshui Hotel-good location

Zhangjiajie Dachengshanshui hotel is very close to airport, only takes 5 mintues it also near the tianmen mountain cable car station, takes 5 mintues walking there, and people square just next it, you can have a walk around it in the evevning

Zhangjiajie Harmona Resort&Spa-good for vacation stay

Zhangjiajie Harmona Resort&Spa located in wulingyuan along a valley, it s a good place for a vaction stay, you can enjoy the view from your room, close to the nature

Zhangjiajie Sunshine Hotel

Zhangjiajie sunshine hotel is near the airport and tianmen mountain cable car station, it s a good choice when your flight landed in midnight

Zhangjiajie Qinhe Jinjiang International Hotel-cost-effective

Qinghe Jinjiang hotel is near the entrance of national forest park, most of the guests think it s very quiet to stay with good facilities

Zhangjiajie Pullman Hotel-Most Guests' Choice

Pullman hotel are highly recommend by our tourists It combining lifestyle and design, for business and leisure

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