Does a Guide Needed for Your Zhangjiajie Tour?

Does a guide needed when you visit Zhangjiajie? Maybe this is a question for many foreign tourists, this artical will give you some suggestions about this

My Graduate Journey in Tianmen Mountain

Four years experience in university made me have a strong desire for traveling on foot and viewing with heart The journey in Tianmen Mountain left much of an impression except the drastic scenery

Winter is a Good Time to Enjoy Snow View in Tianmen Mountain

Tianmen Mountain will become an icy world with the stunning view every year The local zhangjiajie citizens will take the cable to the top to enjoy the snow view every year as they know it’s really worth to go Just do as the local do!

What should the elderly Pay Attention to during the Trip?

Tourism has become an important way of leisure among the elderly In order to keep safety during travel, the old people should pay attention to many aspects during their trip

What Should We Pay Atention to in Spring during Trip?

Traveling in spring, people will encounter rain, fog, strong convective weather and lightning climate Therefore, visitors should pay attention to dress appropriately, and obtain the local climate data in advance and remember to bring a warm coat

Warm Tips for a Pleasant Summer Trip in Zhangjiajie

Summer, is the peak season for traveling It is the fact that the high temperature in summer should be seriously taken into account Therefore, how to ensure a satisfying and safe summer trip in Zhangjiajie is an indispensable concern of tourists

Pay attention to some of the problems when you travel in Zhangjiajie

Every visitors should make a good travel plan in advance and contact with travel agency, the travel agency will arrange a tour guide to come to pick you up in the airport or train station

What attractions in Zhangjiajie worth to focus on?

What is the most representative sights in Zhangjiajie? What are the major tourist attractions worth to travel? There are rich tourism resources in Zhangjiajie

The common sense of climbing mountains

The common sense of climbing mountains

The food sanitation on the trip

On the trip, always keeping the food sanitation is the key to maintain good physical health. We should prevent the disease enters by the mouth. The food sanitation of travel mainly has the following aspects.

Zhangjiajie Wheather

Since the average altitude in Zhangjiajie is 183 meters and the altitude of the scenic spots area is about 1000 meters, the temperature during the day and night varies, reaching to 10℃.

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