Zhangjiajie Old Courtyard

It was build by Tian Qiyuan in the early years of Qing Dynasty and it was also the former residence of Tian Qiyuan’s great-great-grandson, Tian Qijun who was the geologist and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Laodao Bay in Zhangjiajie

Laodao Bay, located in the south of Zhangjiajie City, belongs to Guanliping office area. It is 7 kilometers away from the city center, and the total area is more than 9000 mu.

The Immortal Creek in Zhangjiajie

The Immortal Creek is located in the south of Yongding of Zhangjiajie Hunan province, and is only 4 kilometers from the city center. The creek is surrounded by mountains, and its scenery is beautiful. The famous scenic spots are: The Immortal Cave.

The gallery of Sandstone Painting in Zhangjiajie

Then it was awarded as the national AAA (level) tourist attractions in 2005, also evaluated as the first demonstration base for culture industry by the propaganda department of Hunan provincial party committee in 2007.

Badagong Mountain Nature Reserve

Badagong Mountain Nature Reserve is located in Wulingyuan District, Zhangjiajie City, Hunan Province. It covers an area of 20000 hectares.Badagong Mountain has complex terrain, mild climate, abundant rainfall and its mountains and rivers crisscross.

Tianmen Mountain

Tianmen Mountain is approved to be National Forest Park in 1992, has an elevation of 1518.6 meters. It is only...

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