Fenghuang Historical & Cultural Ancient Town

Phoenix Ancient Town is a mall town in Hunan province, China. Phoenix Ancient Town is a national historical and cultural town, the famous New Zealand writer Rewi Alley was praised as China’s most beautiful town.

Aizhai Bridge in Western Hunan

The main span of the bridge is 1176 meters, which sets a record of the first suspension bridge across the gorge in the world,which is located in Aizhai belongs to an ancient Miao Town and the scenery there is beautiful.

Furong Town

Furong Town not only has a long history of the millennial town, but also is a tourism resort which integrally combines the natural scenery and ancient ethnic customs.

Mengdong River Rafting

Mengdong River is situated 80km southeast of Zhangjiajie city, nestled among mountains, a remote canyon towering limestone cliffs, a beautiful river that’s ranked among the famous river in china.

The Southern Great Wall of Fenghuang

The Southern Great Wall was built in Jiajing thirty-three years of the Ming, lasting more than sixty years, and it was complete Tianqi three years of the Ming Dynasty,it is 382 mile in length and is one of the hugest ancient buildings in China.

Huang Siqiao Ancient Town in Fenghuang

There is a stone structure of the Stone City in the ancient town, and the stone walls are made of limestone that the largest weight is about 2000 pounds and some small limestones are also more than 500 kg.The surface of stone is smooth,and its craft is...

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