Dehang Miao Village

Dehang means “the beautiful valley” in Miao language. Because of the steep mountains, towering cliffs, overlapping peaks, this place formed many precipices, stone walls, peak forest, waterfalls, and primeval forests.

Meng Dong River Rafting

The water flow of Meng Dong River is big and fast, and tall cliffs reach into the water, which forms a deep canyon landscape. The whole drift takes about 5 hours.

The Red Stone Forest National Geopark in Xiangxi

The Red Stone Forest National Geopark is located in Guzhang County of Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture,it is comprised of the Red Stone Forest Karst Landform Scenic, Gorge Scenic Area, underground rivers, lakes, waterfalls and cave scenic spot.

Xiangxi Qianzhou Ancient Town

Qianzhou Ancient Town is located in the riverside of Wanrong River of Jishou City in Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture, Hunan province,it has a more than four thousand two hundred history and it has been one of four ancient towns in Xiangxi over the years.

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