Changde Liuye Lake Tourist Resort Area

Liuye Lake tourist resort area is located in the urban and rural linking area of the northeast of Changde city in Hunan Province. The basic orientation of the tourism resort is the city park for leisure vacation.

Shaoshan Dripping Water Cave

Dripping Water Cave in Shaoshan is about 4 kilometers away from the west of Mao Zedong’s former residence. It is a narrow valley which is ringed on three sides by mountains, and one side uses a small stream as the export.

Hunan Provincial Museum

Hunan Provincial Museum was founded in nineteen fifties.the historical relics are rich,especially the famous Mawangdui Tomb,bronze bares of Shang and Zhou Dynasties,Chu cultural relics,ancient ceramic,calligraphy,painting and modern cultural relics.

Jiashan scenic area in Changde

Jiashan scenic area is about 8 kilometers away from the south of Shimen County,Changde district in Hunan Province, and is composed of Jiashan National Forest Park, Jiashan Temple, Chuangwang Cemetery, Biyan Spring and other scenic spots.

Changde Peach Garden

The Peach Garden was announced as the national key scenic area, China 4A-level tourist area, National Forest Park and key cultural relics protection units of Hunan.

Huping Mountain National Nature Reserve

Huping Mountain Nature Reserve Tourism is eco-tourism with a main landscape feature of the primeval secondary forest, canyon and peak.

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