Window of the World in Changsha

Changsha Window of the World is the largest cultural theme park, and is also one of the first national 4A level (the highest) tourist attractions.

Changde Museum

Changde Museum was built in 1991. It belongs to the antique buildings of courtyard, the front wall of the first floor in antechamber is currently the largest Tang tri-color painting in Hunan — the Peach Garden Wonderland.

Changsha Orange Island

Orange Island, also known as Ju Island and Water Continental Island, is located the middle of Xiangjiang River in the Changsha section. It is one of alluvial sandbanks in the Lower Xiangjiang River and is also the largest inland island in the world.

The Changsha Martyr Park

The Martyr Park, the largest park in Changsha City, is located in Dongfeng Road No. 1, the northeast of Changsha. It is a comprehensive park that contains memory, travel and entertainment.

Changsha Underwater World

Changsha Underwater World is located in the Golden Eagle TV Culture City of Liuyang River, and it is composed of Marine Museum, Polar Animal Museum, Science Museum, Water Park and Children’s Park.

Changsha Mawangdui

Mawangdui is located in the west bank of the eastern outskirts of Liuyang River in Changsha City, and the north side of the Changliu Road.From 1972 to 1974, people have unearthed three Han tombs from Mawangdui Township.

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