Laba Congee Given to Tourists on Hengshan Mountain on Laba Festival

Pilgrims make thanksgiving blessings Over ten monks and priests cook the porridge together, and send it to tourists on January 27 on Nanyue Mountain

First Snow in Wulingyuan Scenic Zone in 2015

Wulingyuan scenic zone got the first snow on January 29, 2015, although the snow was not so heavy, but rime ice and silver thaw scenery formed as the lower temperatures was spectacular Overseas tourists were truly intoxicated

Icy Challenge in Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain 2015

Icy Challenge Championship launched at 12pm, January 25, 2015 at Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain Chen Kecai eventually won the championship, and got the reputation as "Ice King 2015 " for the longest time 1 hour 4 minutes

Free Policy for Global Students of Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Last to End of 2015

Free policy for global students who under 19-year old of Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon aroused public concern since last year, and it learned from Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon that this policy haven’t been changed and will be executed till 31,December, 2015

Luxi Launches Loving Pushi and Protecting the Ancient Town Activity

On January 13, at Pushi of Luxi County, a one-thousand-year ancient town, some citizens were presented with works of Chisel Paper-cut at Tahu On the same day, the county launched an exhibition activity themed “Loving Pushi and Protecting the Ancient

Zhangjiajie Charming Western Hunan Will Perform abroad Again

Zhangjiajie Charming Western Hunan will go abroad again and participate in overseas "Happy Chinese New Year " in Bulgaria and the Czech from February 11 to 24, 2015

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