Western Hunan with countless historical stories and legends is of mystery to outsiders. In particular, there are three most amazing and ancient mysteries. Western Hunan Vampire, Luo Dong Girls(girls fall in love with deities and then die)as well as Gu Du (disease due to noxious agents produced by various parasites), which are unbelievable and have never been unveiled.
Mystery One: Western Hunan Vampire
To be qualified vampire controllers in Western Hunan should meet the following standards—they must be over 16 years old and with the height of 170cm at least. Being homely but brave, also, they are particular about dress. No matter how the weather is, they should wear a pair of straw sandals, long azury gown with a black belt and a azury cloth cap. A packet of charm is indispensable. Many movies have been successfully made on the base of Western Vampire in Hong Kong.
Mystery Two: Luo Dong Girls
Who can be called Luo Dong Girls? Luo Dong girls are unmarried and softhearted beauties with bright eyes. They go into a hole one day for several days without any food but still alive, then back home and eat nothing for anther couple days before they death. Members in her tribe believe she falls in love with the deity in that hole and goes for her marriage in another world. Therefore, once a girl becomes the Luo Dong Girl, people would prepare a wedding after her death instead of a funeral. Still now, science fails to uncover it.  
Mystery Three: Gu Du
Gu Du is a kind of ancient spell, usually utilized by women. If one woman wants to make Gu Du, she should at first catch a centipede or scorpion from the remote mountains, then feed it with her own menses blood and spell on it everyday. Once the parasite grows up, she will make it into powder and hide in her nails. When she flips the powder secretly into the tea or liquid, the Gu Du is made. Women in western Hunan are willing to make Gu Du from the aspect of love. They would not aim at killing someone but to control one's mind, which is even more horrible. Anyway, it is a useful way for them to ensure stable marriages when female are in inferior position.
Time will tell you everything, once a sage said. But the three mysteries in Western Hunan still keep secret for the whole world.    

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