It is prevailingly known that food is the paramount necessity of the people. No one in the world can live a life without food. Cultivation culture herein is of great importance in all cultures.Tracing back to long long ago, there were many customs established for a harvest, which very from nations to nations. As a newly listed provincial-level intangible cultural heritage,Zhangjiajie Tujia Hucang custom is strikingly attractive.
It is a history of approximate 400 years of Tujia Hucang custom in Yongding District, Zhangjiajie. Legend has it that in late Ming dynasty, Tujia people could not bear the oppression from landlord any more, a leader of the labors decided to make trick on Landlord Quan in a year. The labor leader lied that he was given direction from an eminent and mysterious man this year would have a bad harvest, caused by insect outbreaks. Only the labors that have had sweet wine, fried rice and bowl-sized meat can save this loss. Thereby, nowadays, before rice transplanting, the host should offer breakfast first. Furthermore, the labors who suffered a lot continued their trick. The landlord was told for a harvest he must be daubed by mud .Without any doubt, the landlord agreed willingly. All the labors pretended to murmur the so-called spell and threw mud to him, in fact they did it with great revenge inside .However, the foolish landlord took it seriously and asked for more mud happily by saying "Just throw, the more mud you throw, the more bumper harvest will come".
Time goes by; this custom is known by more and more people. Finally, it becomes a traditional custom for praying sweet dreams and bumper harvest.
Today, Tujia people in Wulingyuan still follow this traditional custom each year. Briefly speaking, the custom Hucang has the following explanation----Hu, means to throw mud; Cang is to regard the host's body as a barn.
The simplest words in deed, fail to express such an unsophisticated and time-honored cultivation culture. Isn’t it full of charm and folk characteristics?

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