Tujia people have three New Year’s festival every year. The first one is December 29th (or 28th) "ahead of one day for New Year." The second one is lunar June 25th.The third one is October 1st. 
"In June" is an important day for finishing a great migration in Tujia people’s history. The migration day is on lunar June 25th. They will slay oxen to sacrifice the god on this day. It gradually formed a custom of having New Year’s Day "in June". "In October" is after Tujia people finished migration to celebrate the new home was been built. It is in the first season of the harvest. October first day is tujia people’s organization celebrations. On this day, they greet to each other and celebrate it together. In the December 29th evening, there will be lit a great fire in the village. Tujia people will surround the bonfire to have the hand-shaking dance and singing the song. In lunar winter, they will place many goods for this New Year. Such as bacon, baked, sausage, flood, Fried rice, Ciba ,peanut, melon seeds, fruit, seeds, salty turnip, sweet potato slices, fireworks, couplets, new clothes and so on, most of them are home-made. 
Tujia people called the winter new year "Gannian", which means that the Chinese Spring Festival has one day in advance. Tujia people will clean the house completely, hair-cut, bath, etc.In December 24, it is a tujia small new year. This Day is after Chinese New Year. The same day is the festival of sacrifice kitchen, said next year they have delicious food every day.

In lunar December 25th or 26th, which are cleaning days. Every family will clean house completely. They thought it is significance for sweeping this year's bad luck and bad things out of the door then greeting a thriving good next year.In December 27th, it is a good day for a party. This day will take the rest things of home to sell in street, to exchange some money to buy something to use in the New Year's. Parents will take their children to buy a new suit of clothes in the street and let they also feel the Chinese New Year celebrations.In December 28, it is the day to make BaBa. They invited several neighbors on this day to make BaBa. In tujia customs, BaBa generally is not alone. Several families are together. It is very lively, high efficiency work. BaBa is mainly used for treating guests or the New Year gift, etc.In December 29, tujia people mainly stay at home washing pigs’ head for bacon and killing chicken, ducks and sheep, and so on. In this day, the habits of tujia people are prepared all of food. It is generally busy to the middle night. Only in the next morning they will get up to eat. In New Year's day, tujia people had a habit to compete for who is getting up early. The way to measure is that whose firecracker is early. In this day, children are not allowed to cry and speak unlucky words.In this day’s afternoon, they have to visit dead elders early. It is a respect for the dead .They visit them to send some sacrifices. Let them feel they are not lonely and express their deep miss for the dead.In this day, tujia people have the customs to get up early. In this day, they can't sweep the house and pour water out of the door. It is said that sweeping the house will sweep away lucky things and pouring water out can pour good things out.

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