Yongding lantern is widely circulated rural and urban folk song and dance in Yongding Zhangjiajie, which is the excellent traditional culture heritage of tujia people.

Yongding lantern is the feature of few actors, props, musical instruments, narrow area. Lyric is from the folk, with full-bodied agrestic breath. The music is with melodious tune. Because it has a wide range of mass, in every lantern show, the crowd is over hundreds even thousands. Both of performances and audiences participate in the show.
When and where Yongding lanterns originated from? Until today there is no evidence. As early as the Qing dynasty before the emperor Tongzhi, Yongding lanterns is popular in urban and rural areas in Zhangjiajie. Traditional lanterns in Yongding has a complete set in the program, which is divided into opening lamp, starting lamp, middle lamp, last lamp, finishing lamp, a total is five steps.
Opening lantern: In the first morning of new year, they choose the ground before one house, a square table, incensing and lighting the candle. The whole group clean hands in leading of the master, surface, then with three scent to worship by kneeling down. 
Starting lantern: There will be three days for starting light. 
Middle lantern: The group will return to perform on the tenth day.
Last lantern: It is also called Yuanxiao. Each kind of lamp players gets together the downtown on the fifteenth day. There is no limit on the lamp.
Finishing lantern: The whole group was got together in one place and burns joss sticks to pray for avoiding difficulties and disasters on the sixteenth day.
Traditional performance program of Yongding lantern is not very serious. But it also has certain standardization of the body, hands, step, folding fan method. It also has a beautiful name. Yongding lanterns’ content of lyrics is extensive. The tune is rich. Now there are hundreds tunes packed up. Yongding lantern is very popular in this area. Because of the people love it. Many people are good at playing it. There are many outstanding lanterns artists.

Because of the Yongding lanterns’ population, the government pays much attention on its inheritance, development and introduction. In Spring Festival, the government will allocate special funds to appoint the specialist to be responsible for the activity.

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