Baizu Torch festival 
Baizu people’s torch festival held in Zhangjiajie .It is related to kill pests, protection of crops. Each year on lunar 25th June night, every family will point torches and get them together in the village. People get across the fire back and forth for firing evil spirits to avoid disaster.
Baizu temple fair
On the 9th of new year, BaiZu people called "ninth day’s meeting". In Furong bridge SangZhi, BaiZu people held the temple meeting to celebrate this festival. On this day, the surrounding local people will dress-in after breakfast to participate in the annual festival.
Furong bridge is a famous village in Zhangjiajie. The population there is more than 13000. Most of their first name is Wang, which was the first immigration of Wangpengkai's descendants. I go back to Furong bride’s people’s history of temple. I learned that BaiZu people here migrant from Dali Yunnan. The ancestors, Wangpengkai mountain found here is a fertile land and finally chose the quiet wilderness countryside to built house together with ChenJi and ChenLiang. For hundreds of years, their children and grandchildren here have made a great harvest and created the immortal history and culture with their own wisdom. In order to make brothers and sisters get together, they make the new year’s 9th day as temple fair. Every year they will celebrate it and form a special local custom.

There are three attractions to watch for the temple fair. The first one is for sacrifice. It is to lift the god, like Wangpengkai, ChenJi, ChenLiang. The aim is to please god and pray for agricultural harvest. The second is to show skills. That is according to their specialties. On the entertaining stage, there are native old artists, a funny crosstalk and so on. The third one is for trade and prosperity of the market economy. There is no limitation on the guests whether guests are young or old, men or women, rich or poor.

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