Zhangjiajie Tujia people formed their own unique customs of love and fertility in the long history.

Leave-song for love
As lived around Mountain, Tujia People love to blow leaves to make songs when they feel happy, lonely, sad, anxious, or have any secret thoughts, which is called leave- song. These songs are melodious, or plaintive, or joyous pleasure, or weep Resentment. Listen from far, like birds chirp, like spring in Buzz, full of poetic. Blowing Leave-song is not easy thing, and need a long-term practice. Some young men and women love admire each other, but be shy to say, also do not like to tell matchmaker, so blowing leave-song be good way to express each other’s admiration. 
Fertility customs
Chopsticks: Before the bride go out of the door, the mother will spread the grain around the wedding sedan to send wishes to her daughter that the grain is plentiful and develops every year. And in front of the wedding sedan, her mother spreads a pair of chopsticks to bless her daughter is able to give birth many children.
The puerpera taboo: On the day of the bride married, the woman giving a new bed must have given birth to sons and girls, and she must have a son. Widows could not enter the bridal chamber. The women who picks up curtains have women must have given birth to a daughter and son. Pregnant may not sit on the threshold of the main room, which is said to be inpolite to the house of god. Pregnant can't sit shoulder of pole and hoe, which is said to make children lazy in the future. At this time, the house can't be nailed for fear of the "nail" on the fetus and they can't beat the snake, the snake kids is salivary tongue. Pregnant are not allowed to get into the bridal chamber, for fear of "four eyes wind". Pregnant can’t step on the buffalo, because the water buffalo is twelve months pregnant, for fear of her date of birth is super.

When baby were born, if they took a rooster, it is a boy, if the hen, it is a girl. They can just judge from it. After three days, the grandmother has to go to daughter’s home to visit the grandchildren, called "three" in China. Then they will decide the date to celebrate, called "send wish rice wine". Grandma will send cloth, sweater, shoes and hats, diapers and baby chicken, eggs, meat, rice and cradle and so on. And they also have to send clothes to the baby’s mother as gift.

When put the child on the back to walk at night, they have to put the diaper on the baby’s head to evade evil spirits. When children are hundred days, the children have to lick the pig tail, which is said to avoid flow ripple water. Girl licks chicken wings, which can lead to that they can brush their hair well after growing up. Let children drink soup of thrush, after growing up they will be kissed by the blarney stone. Some put the baby umbilical cord in the high mountains, which is said after growing up can make great achievement. When the baby is one year-old, their parents have to celebrate the first birthday for the baby. When child is frightened, they will make the crossing rice or please soil old "eat" in the water.

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