Tujia brocade is also known as "Xilan Kapu". "Xilan" is the quilt cover. “Kapu” is flower. Two of them together are a kind of quilt cover with flowers. This kind of traditional arts and crafts is produced and used for their own use in the past. That is tujia people plant cotton to spin, which is less known throughout the country and the world. From 50 s to 80 s, it is slowly out of the west of Hunan, toward China and the world. Tujia people’s weave in Wulingyuan is loved by the large number of visitors and a part them become the treasure was bought by compatriots in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and foreign guests to the collection. Tujia brocade art characteristic is mainly on creating wonderful in forms. Its color is bright and changeable, comparative and intense and line is symmetry. It is durability and useful for visitors to use and appreciate.
When tujia people get married, promise, make a friend, decorate the family and dress-in, they cannot leave the tapestry. Because of its unique technology, it has been listed as a tribute. All nationalities in the city love so many productions such ethnic brocade bag, brocade bag, hanging, and all kinds of scenery brocade crafts, which is integrated landscapes and folk customs and the best memorial to visitors.

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