SangZhi is located in the northwest of Hunan province. It is a typical old, poor, remote district.  There are mainly ethnic enclaves of tujia, bai and miao. They are in harmony with each other for a long time and create much rich cultural legacy.
SangZhi was named "the hometown of Chinese folk song," in April 2008. The dance of bai race, SangZhi lanterns, the special play of SangZhi which is collected as provincial intangible cultural heritage. The government was sure that the first batch of intangible cultural heritage is 11 items. SangZhi become large well-known provincial, municipal national cultural resources county and the treasure house of folk culture and art. 
The government of SangZhi set up an organization to protect intangible cultural heritage in zhangjiajie. SangZhi was awarded the hometown of Chinese folk songs, the hometown of Chinese folk art. It has become the obvious evidence that SangZhi government pay much attention to the intangible cultural heritage.

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