Tujia tradition vulgar and culture
The soil household love lives together and love mourn feet wood building. Setting up all of buildings is Tsun 1s village, one Zhai Zhai of, few single house only door. The house set up is mostly wood structure, small green tile, spend a space window, take charge of Yan to hang empty, wood column arm-rest, walk Ma turn Jiao, thou fragrant thou color. The general daily life at homes all have a small courtyard, hospital before have fence, there is behind bamboo grove in hospital, the granite plank paves road surfaces and planes a board to pack wall, loose illuminate clearly, one lives sunrise but makes, the pastoral of sunset but interest is quite to live. Men and women much through love each other matrimony to the song. Before soil household marries vulgar woman to get married, there is the customs of “cry to marry”. The funeral is basic to is to bury in the ground, the ancient times expects a person to also have cremate, hang coffin to bury, the ship coffin bury of custom. The soil household is placed in the original religion adoration stage. Soil household peacetime everyday three meals, the leisure generally has two meals; The spring summer peak season on a farm, labor strength had four meals while being more big. If transplant rice seedling season, the morning wants to add “lead early”, “lead early” mostly the glutinous rice does of the glue puddings or mung bean flour is a type of a light repast. It is said that” lead early” for meal eats a glue puddings have already produced good, idea with satisfied good luck. The soil household is still pleased cooking oil tea soup. Everyday staple food in addition to rice, with maize corn rice most is familiar. Sometimes also have bean rice, Ba Ba and regiment Mao are also the staple foods of soil household seasonal, have of even had been eating till to plant Yang, the red sweet potatoes had been being seen as the staple food in many regions in the past, is still some regions to go into a winter empress now of often have food. Soil household food with sour hot is its main characteristics.

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