Sangzhi Folk Songs
Sangzhi folk songs have a long history; they originated from the production of labor in the primitive farming period. Their main artistic style is simple, funny, humorous and honest. After exercising for thousands of years, Sangzhi folk songs show the unique artistic charm, and have high social value and artistic value. In addition, the special singing skills of Sangzhi folk songs greatly enriched the folk singing theory and provided a unique example of vocal music.
Folk songs have ditty, work songs, etc. Folk songs contain the expression of joy and anger, the longing of bright and the pursuit of a better life. The ways of singing have solo, duet, chorus and so forth. Sangzhi folk songs can express different feelings. They have graceful and lyric songs, bravura work songs, and passionate revolutionary songs.
Sangzhi Folk Songs
The singers like singing songs that mix technique, the content of the lyrics, national language, and local characteristic, and they are good at singing a variety of different thoughts and feelings.
Sangzhi folk songs have been praised by Zhou Enlai, Liu Shaoqi, Deng Xiaoping, He Long and other party and state leaders.
The representative music of the folk songs in Sangzhi have: “Chestnut bloom a line”, “four seasons flowers”, “hanging lamp at the door”, “building lampstand on Masang trees” and so on. They had become a treasure house of folk songs in Chinese classic.

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