Washing kindly face in Zhangjiajie’s Bai people
Washing kindly face
There many Bai people in Zhangjiajie, which is one of the major minority in Zhangjiajie. In this magical land, according to the saying of 3km different sounds and 10km different customs, what kind of strange marriage customs do Bai people show us on this piece of land? Dose it make us laugh, or pondering ? Is there anything worth learning ?
In Zhangjiajie, Bai young men and women should wash their face three days before the wedding, which is called “washing kindly face”. The first morning, one elder people from the woman’s family sents a basin of warm water, put a towel soaked, let each newlyweds hold one end of the towel to wash face and hands . It means that the woman’s wishes – married couple will have a warm and homecentric family. The next morning, one elder of people from man’s family scoop a pot of warm water ,then newly married couples use a basin of water and share a towel to wash face together, which shows man’s parents’ expectations. On the third day morning, the newlyweds scoop a pot of water together ,help each other to wash face, that means to show mutual consideration.
Thereafter, when husband and wife have a little conflict, they will be reconciled after recalling the scene of washing the kindly face.
With regard to the habit of washing kindly face, we can learn a good way from it to promote feelings between husband and wife in our daily lives!

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