Three Treasures for Tujia Girls
Tujia brocade, embroidery insoles, embroidery shoes are an important indicator to measure of whether the Tujia daughter is ingenuity, but also are the “three treasures” for girls to pursue the freedom of love and happiness. The three treasures are pure handicrafts , which have strong collection value and use value, but also the gift of national share.
Tujia brocade, “also known as” Zealand Karp ” , is the necessary embroidered blanket for Tujia girls when they get married ,also known as “playing flower blanket.” “Zealand” is a beautiful name of flower , “Karp” has the meaning of blanket. Zealand Karp its unique technology and wonderful composition was listed as China’s five largest tapestry of the column. Karp Zealand can be seen as a precipitate of Tujia culture ,with rich flavor of life and distinctive national features. In 2006, Tujia brocade “Karp Zealand” officially entered the national intangible cultural heritage protection list.
Three Treasures for Tujia Girls
After the development of two thousand years ,Tujia women have created countless brocade ornamentation pattern, in addition to the original “Karp Zealand”, they now have created a variety of patterns of wall hangings, sachets, clothing, slippers, travel bags , sofa sets, cushions, carpets, upholstery and many other arts and crafts.
Tujia girls see embroidered shoes as the most precious gift to present them to the person they are in love with. If Tujia man takes a fancy to a girl ,he will inquire whether that girl will send he a pair of insoles, If the girl also has the same purpose, then she would personally hand a nice pair of insoles to her sweetheart .
Now handmade embroidery insoles are meticulously sewn by hand-made and embroidery .a pair of insole generally requires seven day time, about to be sewn about the 1000 pin to 12,000 stitches. Symbolizing that they hope family numbers can return home safely as soon as possible. According to a legend that this Thousand Needles insole was a harmony and joy objects in folk, has the effect of wipe out misfortunes, can protect the owner from evil harm, eternal longevity, peace step by step.
Three Treasures for Tujia Girls
A pair of embroidery insole, with thousand Needles, every stitch includes the hard blood, when it placed at the foot, can protect the foot, pure hand-make insole pad placed in the soles of the feet, making effects of comfortable, warm, absorbent and getting out of the Foot Odor, and also can help promote the blood circulation of the foot and other auxiliary therapeutic effect ,such as athlete’s foot, cervical spine and kinds of backache and leg pain .
When the young man himself or matchmaker about to go to a girl’s house, the girl will be follow the Tujia ethnic marriage etiquette rules, give the young man one pair of exquisite workmanship —Embroidered Shoes. This is a token of love that the girl spends many days and nights to finish. Once the shoes are sent out, it means marriage has been set , and it is not allowed to go back on their words; if the girl does not like to the boy, then she can only drink a tea as polite.
“Yellow Emperor” says: people tend to be getting weak foot before getting old. Wearing shoes conducive to maintenance pace-care, promote blood circulation and maintain physical and mental health.
Three Treasures for Tujia Girls
Hand-made embroidered shoes will be finished through 25 steps, hand-make embroidered shoes’ sole are make use of cotton fabrics, mountain brown slices and green hemp soaked from traditional Chinese medicine, in addition to remove Foot odor ,it also has moisture absorption and permeability, can maintain foot care, and pattern on the sole of foot has massage-health effect, on athlete’s foot, other auxiliary therapeutic effect ,such as athlete’s foot, cervical spine and kinds of backache and leg pain.

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