The Silver Ornament of Miao nationality
Miao nationality’s silver ornament is popular in the south-east of Guizhou province and Western Hunan.
When talking about the reasons why silver ornaments emerged, maybe there exists one thing standing in the most important status with deep-seated spiritual motivation.
During Miao people’s migration, they really suffered a lot. However, they couldn’t explain all the inextricable misery fate. As a result, their primitive religious beliefs centralizing in generated witchcraft got further development. And their living place was surrounded by full-bodied witchcraft culture.
The Silver Ornament of Miao nationality
From its birth, silver ornament had the function of witchcraft. Miao ancestors believed that all the sharp things could drive out evil. Silver ornament topped among those apotropaions. What’s more, it is believed silver ornament could also act as a safeguard that help people escape tribulations and enjoy good health.

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