Stepping embroidered shoes in Zhangjiajie
Tujia boy is stepping the girls embroidered shoes
Stepping on someone’s embroidered shoes is one of important customs to show public displays of affections for Tujia folk in Zhangjiajie, it is a major festival to tujia men and women to choose a wishful partner. Embroidered shoes are authentic crafts that Tujia daughters must learn, which is a top priority among embroidery products.
The way of courtship of lovers is also full of distinct flavor for Tujia boys. Tujia women would be particularly careful, and never let a man who she does not like to step on her embroidered shoes, once stepped on her embroidered shoes, the girl will change her mind and worship this man’s courage and wisdom. In case that there is no chance to step on favorite girl’s embroidered shoes, boys also should not be discouraged, they can also grab embroidered insoles, embroidered tobacco pouch and embroidered belt. As long as you rush to get one of keepsakes, you will have a good start, and there will be a beautiful love!
Stepping embroidered shoes in Zhangjiajie
Now, many of the guides are Zhangjiajie Tujia people, they usually tell the guests about Tujia customs, stepping on the foot is one of them, the guests are very fond of listening to the customs, and step on each other foot after getting off the bus, it’s very funny.

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