The custom of Tea Eggs in Zhangjiajie
Tea Eggs in Zhangjiajie
In Zhangjiajie,during the first Spring Festival after a Tujia bride’s moving into her husband’s household upon marriage, she ought to offer tea eggs to husband’s families and friends. On that occasion, newly wed Tujia couple brings boiled tea eggs, sugar, bowls and spoons, carries boiled water to visit their relatives as well as friends. Every friends or families should be given one bowl, including 3 tea eggs with sugar water, which is sent by tea tray.
Accordingly, the one who receives tea eggs should prepare red paper containing money in advance so that they can put it on their tea tray as a cash gift.
The custom of Tea Eggs in Zhangjiajie
Tu jia Tea Eggs
In addition, on New Year’s Day or other festivals, birthdays of parents-in-law, Tujia wife in Zhangjiajie is also demanded to offer tea eggs. What’s more, the number of tea eggs is asked to be three, never 2, or it will result in being mistaken for cursing.

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