Phoenix Ancient Town-Fenghuang
Setting foot on the town, you will be impressed by its atmosphere of mystery, primitive simplicity and elegance. The town is surrounded by mountains with Tuo River flowing smoothly through the town, among which the mountains are covered with verdant trees, and the Tuo Jiang River is crystal clean with the reflections of architectures along the riverside. The unique bridges over the river and the hanging houses along the river display a harmonious atmosphere in the town, which can only be seen in the traditional Chinese ink and water painting.
Fenghuang Ancient Town can be divided into two parts. One is the old town while the other one is new town. The old one leans against hills and faces the crystal-clear Tuojiang River flowing through the city.
Phoenix Ancient Town-Fenghuang
Boating in Tuojiang River
TuoJiang Riveris a life force of the local people. In its waters women wash their clothes and clean rice and vegetables while the men fish with their nets. On the bank, food is prepared in much the same way as it has been for centuries. The image of those stilted houses built on the high riverbank and the green mountains behind them reflecting in the limpid wave of the Tuo Jiang shows a harmony of the ancient city.

The Former Residence of Shen Congwen
Shen Congwen (1902-1988) was one of the most famous writers in Chinese history as well as a historian and archaeologist. He contributed greatly to the development of modern Chinese literature and was twice nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature. In 1991, his former residence was listed as a cultural relic, and has been carefully restored. .
Residence of Xiong Xiling
The former residence of Xiong Xiling’s is 200 meter (219 yards) away from the Tuo River, which is wood and tile-structured Si He Yard with a classic architecture style in southern China, and it is rather low but delicate in design. Now there are 4 rooms in the yard with strong Miao ethnic style, which are well- preserved as it used to be, and it is under the protection of the local government
 Phoenix Ancient Town-Fenghuang
Yang Ancestral Memorial Hall
Yang Ancestral Memorial Hall was built by the General Yang Fang in the Qing Dynasty (1616-1911), which is a 2-storied wood-structured Sihe Yard with 16 meters high. And the architectures in the yard are designed delicately with hollowed-out carvings on the window, the doors and the eaves, which are characterized by obvious ethnic style with high art value.
Rainbow Bridge
With the initial name of Wohong Bridge, the Wind and Rain Building is located in Fenghuang Ancient Town with a long history of over 600 years, which was built in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). The frame structure of the tower is a combination of the “beam supporting structure” and the “through type timber frame”.
 Phoenix Ancient Town-Fenghuang
Jumping Rocks in Tuojiang River
The Jumping Rocks in Tuo River was built in Qing Dynasty (1616-1911), which functioned as the main passage to Fenghuang Ancient Town from the northeast direction, and it was washed away by a fierce flood, a wood bridge supported by the stone piers with 20 meters (22 yards) away from the original site for the convenience of the local people after that, which is called the Jumping Rocks.
The Stone Slab Street
As the main street in Fenghuang Ancinent City, the Stone-Slab Street is paved with stone slabs along the street with 3,000 meters long and 3 meters wide, among which the slits of the stone slabs are in line in the longitudinal direction and interleaving in the transversal direction. With the street as central axis, the street connects to numerous small lanes in the whole town. It was built in the Yuan (1206-1368) and the Ming Dynasties (1368-1644).
 Phoenix Ancient Town-Fenghuang
Diaojiaolou Near Huilong Pavilion
Located near Huilong Pavilion in the northeast part of Fenghuang Ancient Town, the Diaojiaolou group near Huilong Pavilion is the architecture cluster in a strong Miao ethnic style with the front part facing the old official road and the rear part hanging over the Tuo River.

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