People developed a habit of smoking bacon every year in Zhangjiajie. Near the end of year, they will kill pig and make all meat as bacon.

First they cut fresh meat into 2 to 3 kilograms and then rub salt and various spices on it. They put it into a jar for 4-6 days. But it can’t be washed by water. In order to make the meat flavor, they have to turn over it one day or two days. After salt and spices dip into the meat, then they put it highly on the beams, dried with fireworks. The good bacon can generally be kept for more than six months. If they use orange to bake, the bacon’s color will be bright red, no ash. The color is better. It is a hard work to do. There is a lot of knowledge to do it. At the same room, the same fuel, smoked bacon may be different. They must pay attention to methods, which can't use fireworks or the taste will go bad. It can neither short nor long, otherwise will directly affect the taste of meat. The time is too short can't taste it, time is too long will let you to swallow. Bacon must be washed before cooking, soft boiled, steamed, sliced, can directly eat with spicy soup. You can also add seasoning to fry. The fragrance will be unique and the color of dishes will be better.

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