Maoyan Berry tea in Zhangjiajie
Maoyan, is the name of a river in Zhangjiajie, and is a tributary of Lishui River which runs through whole of Zhangjiajie. Because there are a lot of thatch rocks along the river, so it is named Maoyan River. In Zhangjiajie, Maoyan River is a tourist attraction, and the famous "Maoyan River Drift" is in here. The main scenic spots are Maoyan Beach, Wenya hot springs, Mayang ferries, Maoyan River Gorge, Water Cave, waterfall and so on. The two sides of the river have green mountains, rivers and picturesque scenery, so it is also called the "A -hundred -mile Gallery".
Berry tea, strictly speaking,"Maoyan Berry tea" is not a kind of tea; it is a kind of drink which is made of a kind of wild vine plant. When picking, they will pick vine with leaves together, and in the processing of fermentation, juice which permeates leaves on leaves and stems and after dried, it becomes small white spots (this is protease, rich in nutrients), and looks like a mildewy appearance, so the local people has been called the "Mold tea". Later, in the development process to promote the health tea, because the name "Mold tea" was not good, so they changed to "Berry tea"."Berry tea" grows in the red rock of the mountain on the bank of Maoyan River, so it is also named "Maoyan Berry tea".

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