Zhangjiajie Cold noodles and Liangpi
Zhangjiajie Cold noodles
Eating cold noodles in Zhangjiajie can be regarded as a unique landscape. When you walk in the high streets, back lanes, outskirts or village, you can see people who sell cold noodles and eat cold noodles everywhere.
Although cold noodles in Zhangjiajie is delicious, but its practice is actually simple. When using the fresh wheat noodles to boil until 7-8 cooked, you can pull them into the pot, pour a little sesame oil, and use chopsticks to shake noodles until they become cold in order to avoid the noodles to knot. Then add the prepared garlic water, ginger foam, pepper powder, chili oil, sesame oil, pepper oil, peanuts, chives, kelp silk or cucumber silk, and use chopsticks to mix evenly to eat.
Zhangjiajie Cold noodles and Liangpi
Zhangjiajie Liangpi
Liangpi is relatively rare in Zhangjiajie. There’s a shop has Liangpi in the small alley next to General Store in Zhangjiajie. Workers put soy sauce, salt, peanuts, cucumber silk and other seasonings and spices into Liangpi, which makes the taste fresh, tasty and unique.

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