Fenghuang Blood Cake Duck
Blood Cake Duck is the most famous dishes in Fenghuang. If people begin to make this dish, they will put superior glutinous rice into water. When they slaughter the duck, they will leave its blood and soak into glutinous rice water. After the solidification of duck blood, they will use the pot to boil until it is cooked, in this way they will make the blood cakes. Then cut cooled blood cakes into small pieces, and use the tea oil to fry. After stir frying the duck, people will add salt, soy sauce and mix them evenly, then add water and boil about ten minutes; add into red peppers which is cut into big piece after the aroma overflow. When the duck is cooked, then put the blood cakes and some spices into the pot and simmer about 10 minutes. The colour and luster of the cooked Blood Cake Duck is golden, it both has fresh and delicious duck, and has tasty and soft blood cakes, which stimulates your appetite greatly.

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