Tujia Tuansan and Parched rice
Tujia Tuansan
Tuansan, the popular name is "glutinous rice sanzi", is a Miao, Tujia, Bai and Han people’s favorite specialty. Making method: use authentic and superior glutinous rice to steam, then put into a special mold which use the plank as the bottom and bamboo split as the circle around the mold, next press cooked glutinous rice and use the purple fruit water which is planted by the farmhouse or food colorants to paint a word "Xi" and other auspicious patterns. After cooling, you can take out, and then dry it in the sun, storage, give friends and relatives, or eat during festivals. When you eat it, you can use vegetable oil to fry until crispy, and its taste is sweet, crisp and delicious.
Tujia Tuansan and Parched rice
Tujia Parched rice
The making method of the parched rice is similar to Tuansan. First wash superior glutinous rice, then soak, filter and steam it, next pours in ground and use hands to mould, finally make it into "Yin rice" and dry. When you eat, you can fry with sand to make it expand, and then sieve sand, so it becomes "the parched rice". At this moment, you can eat directly or soak it with boiling water and add some sugar to eat, and its taste is sweet, crisp and delicious.

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