Zhangjiajie Pickled Radish
In Zhangjiajie, men and women, old and young, literati and farmers all like eating with pickled radish slices and pickled radish stems with spicy red chili sauce. There are many methods of pickled radish pickle, and the general practice is: dug the radishes from the field (so as to ensure the fresh), then wash them, cut into strips and dry in the sun. The sun is not too big or too dry, slightly drying moisture is the best. Put the dried radishes, salt and acid pepper juice together into the unique clay pots of Tujia for ten days and at that time pickled radishes can be eaten. Eating in the mouth, you will feel a little sour and salty, but the taste is good. And chewing in the mouth, you will feel very brittle. It is a top grade of appetizer. But each family has its own unique skill and refuses to pass on. Pickled radishes that are made well are sweet in sour and sweet in spicy, coupled with the hot peppery taste, the taste can be tasted but is difficult to explain in words.

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