Zhangjiajie Mildewed Tofu
Tujia people in Zhangjiajie like to make mildewed tofu to eat when the winter is coming. Because this season, doing mildewed tofu is easy to save and not go bad. The approach is: use old tofu to compact, because this kind of tofu is easy to cut and not be broken. Then cut the tofu into the small lump with an area of 2 square centimeters, next evenly place lumps of tofu into straw bucket and put a layer of straw and then put a layer of tofu; use quilt or clothes to cover the upper to keep warm. People will mix tofu with salt, pepper, spices and pepper powder until the tofu grows long white mold. Finally, use cold boiling water to soak for a while and then you can eat. If you need to store for a long time, you can use wine or vegetable oil, so that mildewed tofu can be stored for two or three years.

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