Zhangjiajie is expected to see rapid growth in winter tourism over the next few years. Since last year, the government has started to make promotion during December to begin of the March.

Top ten theme of Zhangjiajie Winter activities are: Zhangjiajie first parent-Child Tourism Festival; Zhangjiajie first creative video competition; Zhangjiajie first favorite top ten most beautiful scenery areas, top ten specialty selection activity by Internet users ; China Wuling Mountain Area First RV Tour; The national excellent sanitation workers free travel tourism public welfare activities; China's first International Poetry Tourism Festival in zhangjiajie; live broadcast Zhangjiajie, happy over the years; winter swimming Zhangjiajie, Happy Hot Springs Festival; ZhangJihuai(a bullet train route under construction) tourism joint promotions; Zhangjiajie, China Wuling Bonsai Second • Stone Travel Fair .

Ouyang Bin, vice mayor, said Zhangjiajie set the city's power to create a "winter tour Zhangjiajie" brand, is a comprehensive display of Zhangjiajie magical natural scenery, ethnic customs, unique folk culture and tourism event is to benefit 12 million Chinese tourists Large-scale tourism and cultural events, will also be driven by 12 billion tourism and cultural consumption, for Chinese and foreign tourists bring value experience.
The Christmas and New Year periods are now very popular points on winter tourism calendar in China, with the number of travelers up by more than 150 percent as compared with the same period last year, according to a popular online tourist service platform.

A considerable number of tourists chose to experience winter the way it's supposed to be enjoyed. Winter tours normally are to enjoy the snow, to take a bath in hot springs etc. In another way, the winter tourism attractions, shopping discounts and the fact that many workers use the end of the year as an opportunity to exhaust their unused paid leave are fueling the year-end tourism market.

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