The food sanitation on the trip
On the trip, always keeping the food sanitation is the key to maintain good physical health. We should prevent “the disease enters by the mouth”. The food sanitation of travel mainly has the following aspects:
1. Pay attention to water sanitation.
In general, the unboiled water is not potable. The most ideal water on the trip is the boiling water and tap water which is disinfected and purified. Secondly, don’t drink spring and deep well water or the water from river, pond and lake. No qualified water to drink, we can use fruits to replace water.
2. Eat washed or peeled fruits.
Fruits can be contaminated by the pesticide and will also be contaminated from bacteria or parasites in the process of picking and sales.
3. Treat every meal cautiously and don’t eat food at random.
You can eat at medium and high-grade restaurant, and selectively eat at the food stalls. Don’t eat street food.
4. Control diet in the plane, train and car.
When traveling, because there is no movement condition, the process of food digestion is extended and slows down, which must increase the burden of the stomach and cause gastrointestinal discomfort if you do not control diet.

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