1, Zhangjiajie: Before you come to Zhangjiajie’s train, in the train or the airport ,there are often some of the uniformed people (mostly impersonating), or cover for a certain reception department, or the name of a certain travel agency who engage in soliciting, they will ask you to go to their travel agent, or ask for accommodating you with lodgings, tour guide, car and so this kind of services. At this point you should remain cautious, do not easily deal with them. Get entangled by this kind of person, you can report to the Duty Officer, or call 110.
2, Phoenix city: Phoenix now appears many local touts in the streets, who are very “warm” to treat guests, they introduce you to Phoenix city and accommodate you with lodgings and so on. They generally have a very low price to attract guests. When you have checked in that kind of lodgings, then they will try to cheat your money in a some other way . You must believe that there is no free lunch in the world!
Notes: Many tourists in Zhangjiajie train station exit encounter Mustang rogue soliciting phenomenon. Here, every visitors should make a good travel plan in advance and contact with travel agency, the travel agency will arrange a tour guide to come to pick you up in the airport or train station. If you do not contact well in advance with travel agency, if you are cheated or have dissatisfaction on the travel, we are powerless to help you, because many of them have no travel qualification.

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