1. Traveling in spring, people will encounter rain, fog, strong convective weather and lightning climate. Therefore, visitors should pay attention to dress appropriately, not too much and not too little, and obtain the local climate data in advance and remember to bring a warm coat.
2. Rain gear is necessary thing to travel in spring; people preferably take a small folding umbrella or raincoat.
3. Shoes must be comfortable, and ladies should not wear high-heeled shoes. If you walk so that your foot is turgid, you should soak your foot with hot water before sleep to dredge the meridians.
4. Spring is a wet and rainy season, so people are particularly vulnerable to mosquitoes and bacteria, so you should avoid drinking unboiled water and eating unhealthy food.
5. If you have motion sickness, you should not eat too much before going, and prepare seasickness tablets and other drugs or stop chewing bubblegum and food containing glucose. You should select some ventilative sitting position, if you are not comfortable, you should treat immediately. 
6. Before traveling, it is best to check the performance of the camera, so as to avoid the waste of time, film and beautiful scenery. After taking photographs, taking care of the camera is also very important, and do not let the camera wet, so as to ensure that the photo shoot out perfect.

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