Tourism has become an important way of leisure among the elderly. In order to keep safety during travel, the elderly should pay attention to the following points:
1. To have a physical examination before leaving.
The elderly should have a necessary physical examination before participating in long-distance travel, and they can leave with the consent of a doctor. Appropriate tourist spots can be chosen according to their physical condition.

2. To avoid the holiday.
During the holiday season, usually every scenery spot crowed with tourists. In addition, accommodation and living arrangements are not good as normal time, so the elderly should avoid holidays to travel best.

3. To pay attention to winter protection and keeping warm.
Before the trip, the elderly should know the local weather conditions and prepare suitable clothes and medicine to prevent diseases. 

4. To prevent accidental damage.
The elderly has poor ability to walk and has unstable gait, and it’s easy to bring injury accidents. Therefore, it's better to have company of family or take a stick.

5. To have the quiet and comfortable accommodation.
The elderly should ensure adequate sleep to recover physical strength during the trip. They don’t require luxury accommodation, but they should have the comfortable and quiet accommodation. And they may be accompanied with others best or live in a room with companion to be easy to take care of each other.

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