Life is a journey, once a sage man said. I earnestly appreciate and firmly support this statement. Four years experience in university made me have a strong desire for traveling on foot and viewing with heart. After the graduation ceremony, I packed up and started my brand-new journey. Tianmen Mountain, a place with clear air, blue sky and pristine forest is the top choice for me. The journey in Tianmen Mountain left much of an impression except the drastic scenery.
My First Impression on Tianmen Mountain
The journey to Tianmen Mountain was dramatic, to say the least. Upon entering the entrance of Tianmen Mountain I was taken aback by the remarkable beauty there. Peaks soared up from the lush, dense jungle. The first eye-catching spot is the Tianmen Cave a natural water-eroded cave with the highest elevation in the world hanging up in mid-sky and the stairs reaching afar. Climbing and stepping, although physically tired, there was joy in my heart. While taking the cable car from the air garden, I have enjoyed sweeping views of the zigzagged roads and the undulating waves of the green.
It is a Thrilling Experience 
Whenever and wherever during this journey, I took many photos, which witnessed the beauty and magnificence of the sceneries. The one taken on the glass plank road is the most thrilling photo. Apparent and glazed surface of the plank road looks like a little bit scare for me. I was wondered what if the glass would be broken. One of the staff told me that it is strong enough to support the weight. I was persuaded and put on a pair of special shoe covers in order to walk safely and stably on the glass plank road. It is amazing and thrilling to survey all the things below.
It is a Pious Praying
Tianmen Mountain temple, a center of Buddhism in Western Hunan, is originated from Tang dynasty .The temple in Tianmen Mount is home to an abundance of relics dating back 1500 years ago when Buddhism was first introduced to our country. Pious praying before Buddha of luck, health and wealth in the incoming years is the main purpose of believers. Even though, not being a follower, I did pray cordially and piously in this pure place. Do in Rome as Romans do.
It is a Natural Oxygen Bar
The Air Garden not only is the beginning stop of the cable car, also is home to rich plants and wild species. There are nearly 200 kinds of herbs, and other national-level rare species, such as dove tree. It cannot admit of doubt that the air in Tianmen Mountain is clear and refreshing, which lives up to the reputation of Natural Oxygen Bar. Breathing deeply can help you release a lot and forget all the trifles in life .It is the nature offers a thorough cleanup of mind to every comer here.
The route of traveling Tianmen Mountain
Tianmen Mountain, a famous mountain first recorded in the history of Zhangjiajie, has an elevation of 1518.6 meters. For a long time, Tianmen mountain not only attracts thousands and hundreds of people by its miraculous and unique geographic landform and unparalleled natural landscape, but also well known for its profound cultural connotations and famous colorful humanistic sites. It is revered as the heart and soul of Zhangjiajie. It is well worth to travel. Here is some suggestion of mine about the route to Tianmen Mountain. 
Firstly, you can take the cable car to arrive at the top of the mountain, which will spend 30 minutes in total. While you appetite the scenery along your way on the cable car, it is more attractive for you to travel on the top of the mountain. 
Once you arrived on the top, there are two routes, east way and west way, both sides have a glass walkway. If you got enough time you can follow the west way, in which you can walk on plank road alongside GuiGu cliffs, suspension bridge, Tianmen Mountain temple is the end. Here you got two choices, keeping going to the east way, and finally reached the escalator. Or you can take a small lift over Tianmen Mountain temple, then back to cable car station, continued go to east way to reach the escalator.     
After you take a escalator down to Tianmen cave. There will be 999 steps, which you can go down to Square or you can choose take another escalator down, you need pay the ticket this time. After you arrived in the square, there are a lot of blue buses, which will take you back to cable car station in Zhangjiajie city. 
When it comes to a closure to graduate journey in Tianmen Mountain, I wondering the road of this laidback city and all of a sudden get through the true meaning of this worthwhile journey. That is, traveling enables us to have more experiences of different cultures and meanwhile helps us find out our pure inner heart.

This article provided by one of our friends. 

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