Zhangjiajie is located in the northwest of Hunan Province and has four administrative areas under its jurisdiction: Yongding District, Wulingyuan District, Cili County and Sangzhi County. Zhangjiajie belongs to the mid-Asian sub-tropical monsoon continental climate, and has an average annual temperature of 16 degrees centigrade. When spring is coming, weather become warm, and flowers blossom, zhangjiajie is more charming. 
Spring is the best time to enjoy flowers, yellow rape flowers, pink peach flower, pink cherry flower everywhere during middle of March in Zhangjiajie. 
Place to enjoy the rape flower: Yellow Dragon Cave 
Yellow Dragon Cave lies at the eastern end of Wulingyuan Core Scenic Zone,   It is just like an underground "magical palace", featuring a wide cave, deep and secluded underground rivers, hanging waterfalls and dense stone bamboo shoots, and showing a style of its own.  While the outside tural ecological square of Yellow Dragon cave built to demonstrates Tujia people’s agriculture culture, Every spring, when yellow rape flower open, it attractes many tourists to come.  
Place to enjoy cherry flower: Li River  
With the development of zhangjiajie tourism, the government has made much effort to make the city cleaner and more beautiful. One big change is the river-side of Li River. A lot of cherry have been planted both side of Li River, when spring is coming, pink cherry flower makes the Li River more charming. Imagine you take a small fishing boat, scull the boat slowly, smell the fragrance of water the cherry flower. How relax and happy.  
Place to enjoy peach flower: Duchuanpo 
Luochuanpo located at the back of Zhangjiajie train station. There are a lot of peach tree have been planted in the mountain. When spring coming, the pink peach flower attracts many citizens to enjoy. Try to be a local people to found another beauty of Zhangjiajie. 
See clouds 
Generally speaking, Spring is the rain season, March, May usually will have a lot of rain, after rain then you can enjoy the spectacular see clouds in both zhangjiajie national forest park and Tianmen Mountain. 
This place is charming!! I spent 4 full days in there, and even though it was always raining and foggy, i would do it again!! Having said that...it was worth it my 4 days..and actually i could have spent even more. One of tourists’ review from TripAdvisor says like this. Sometimes, mist make the mountain more mystery and charming. 
Fresh and green tree leaves, birds, nature, warm climate after April make your spring trip more enjoyable. 

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