As spring comes, the temperature goes up, flowers will blossom, and more and more tourists will plan a spring tour. Zhangjiajie is a popular destination for all the tourists.
Here are some of our suggestions according to the new condition in zhangjiajie.  
1. The public bus route has been changed.
The route of the public bus from Zhangjiajie city area to Wulingyuan has been changed already as the Wulingshan road is under construction. Now the public bus will go through Chang-Zhang highway, Yanghe, and arrived at Wulingyuan bus station. It takes about 1 hour. If tourists hurry to catch train or flight, you should prepare enough time for it. the ticket is 20RMB for each. 
The route of the public bus from Zhangjiajie city to national forest park ticket station doesn’t change. The ticket is 12RMB, it takes about 40 minuets.
There is no public bus between Wulingyuan and national forest park ticket station any more. When you plan your tour, please make a notice for this.
www.zhangjiajietourism.com2. The most popular destinations in Zhangjiajie.
The new glass bridge: 
If you plan a tour to new glass bridge, book a ticket in advance as early as better, sometimes it’s very difficult to book a ticket. And there are 3 kind of ticket, A line is for Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, the time is from morning to afternoon before 3:30pm, B line is Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon+Glass Bridge, the time is from morning to afternoon before 3:30pm, C line is only Glass Bridge, the time is 2:30pm to 5:00pm.
Tianmen Mountain:
As we know since last year, each ticket for Tianmen Mountain have a time on the ticket, tourist can get inside the hall during the time as their ticket show. In high season it usually need wait in a long queue to take the cable car. Prepare enough time if you need catch train a flight.
There also have 2 kind of ticket, A line is cable car up, bus down, B line is bus up, cable car down. Tourists must bring their ID card or passport or any card can identify them. If you forget to bring any card, you have to input your finger print. All the ticket use real mane system.
Zhangjiajie National Forest Park:
As China’s first national forest park, with the unique sandstone peaks, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park also attracted many tourists. As the park is huge, so it’s not crowded as new glass bridge or Tianmen Mountain, but it’s easy to get lost. It’s better to buy a map and make a plan before you go. There are 5 entrance gates and tourist will take many shuttle buses inside the park. It’s better to hire a guide.
3. weather 
Spring in Zhangjiajie usually belong to rain season. It rain a lot, bring a umbrella and raincoat, it’s also easy to buy a punch in the park. for the temperature, it usually from 10-20 degrees, once it rain, you will feel a little cold in the mountain, so bring some warm clothes in case the weather cold. 
4. Beautiful landscape with flowers.
Spring comes, the grass will turn green, the flower will blossom, the trees will have new and fresh leaves, and everything is full of vigour. Tianzi mountain cable is a good place to see the flower and sandstone peak, Tianzi Mountain and Yuanjiajie Avatar Mountain is good place to see the sea cloud, golden whip stream is good talk a leisure walk. 
Travel is for leisure and learning; a good travel can make tourist feel fresh and energetic. Getting –ready is important for a nice travel. Wish all the tourists can enjoy their stay in Zhangjiajie!

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