As I read some questions from tripadvisor forum, some tourists ask for information of where to stay inside the national forest park, for example: one tourist asked: “Hi again, i was wondering how worth effort of overnight inside park in order see sunset , sunrise....and if so, please advices os hostels there....thanks again.” . Here some good choose for tourists to see the sunrise and sunset and avoid the crowds. 
Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is very large, but it’s very convenient to take shuttle bus to go each scenic area. However, for many photographers, sunrise and sunset is one of the themes of shooting. In the case, they usually choose to stay inside the park to avoid missing the sunset and sunrise and stone forest and the sea of clouds after rain.
Both convenient to see the sunrise, and will not miss the sunset, just a short distance of walking, the best choice is to stay in the Dingxiangrong village. It’s a small village near the main road only 2 minute walking, very quiet and not far from all the attractions. Near the village, there is bus station, you can take shuttle bus easily, and it takes 20 minutes to any famous attractions nearby, very convenient.

The most valuable thing is that it’s only 15 minutes walking to the grand sightseeing platform, which is the best platform to see the sunrise. You can get up early in the morning and just take a walk for 15 minutes, you can reach the platform. Usually there are a lot of tourists will go there, don’t need to worry miss the road. The host in the village will tell you how to tell if there is sunrise or not. When you get up in the morning, take a look at the sky, if there are many stars in the sky, you will definitely see the sunrise. Beautiful sunrise process is very short, about 30-40 minutes. So you need arrive the platform 30 minutes before the sunrise for the ideal, in peak season, it’s better to go there early to get a best place for your camera, otherwise, if late usually can’t get the place for stand as there are many photographers.
Down the Grand sightseeing platform, there is fairyland for tourists. tourists can see the immortal bridge, one-step, the emperor peak and other attractions. Without crowed tourists, you enjoy both breathtaking view and peaceful there. You always can look at the end of the cliff, thrilling and exciting.  

If you stay in dingxiangrong village, highly recommend seeing the rice field in Kongzhong tianyuan, the scenery is really beautiful, tourists are reluctant to leave. Stand there, tourists can overlook at bailong elevator. But this part still not developed by the park, it’s still a poor village with mud road, bumps, no shuttle bus, many tourists missed the attractions. Some young tourists choose to walk there, one way 40 minutes. The best way is to rent a private car in the village, only 15 minutes, the driver will also wait for you and take you back. usually cost 150RMB for rent the car.
There are some highly recommend hotel, such as Pandora Inn, Milan Inn, Bajie Youth hostel and so on.  

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