The expansion and quality improvement of Tianzi Mountain cable car which plan to start on December 1st delayed to the January 2015. This project estimate takes 8 to 10 months. 
        Due to their planning, the new cable car will be 2097 meters long. It is single circulation and can hold 8 people in every cable car, previous only 6 people. The cableway running speed is 6 m / s, the capacity of the cable car is 1500 people/hour. The capacity and transport speed has a substantial increase based on the original.
       During this project, Tianzi Mountain scenic tour lines and various other tools still open to all the visitors as usual. Visitors who want visit Imperial Brush Pen, Fairy Lady Present Flowers, Xihai Sandstone Forest can choose the hiking way from bottom of Tianzi Mountain climb up to Tianzi Mountain, or can take the Bailong Elevator to Yuanjiajie first, then take the green bus to Tianzi Mountain.  
      Tianzishan cable car put into operation since 1997, has become a convenient "air corridor" for domestic and foreign tourists.  With the rapid development of tourism in Zhangjiajie, the capacity Tianzi Mountain cable car can not meet the demand, especially in Golden Week and high season. The long queues of tourists always can be found, to some extent, it affected comfort of the tourist. 
       So, Zhangjiajie Tourism Bureau reminded travel agents and tourists arrange their tour reasonably. 

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