Wulingyuan district government and Zhangjiajie tourism Association delegation sponsored their one-week tourism promotion and cultural exchange tour in Thailand on December 12. It was the first time for Zhangjiajie to conduct the campaign “Promoting Tourism Culture of Zhangjiajie” abroad. 
During their stay in Thailand, the delegation held a large-scale promotion activity. They introduced the unique tourism resource, transportation, receipt facilities, local folk culture and the entrance ticket discount in lower season. Local travel agencies, media and residents showed great interest in Zhangjiajie’s beautiful scenery and unique culture presented by Zhangjiajie’s 30 excellent tour guides in Tujia costumes. The delegation also conducted friendly exchanges and discussions with outstanding travel agencies and guides of Thailand on how to strengthen tourism cooperation and promote the image of tourism industry.
Thailand Tourism Administration Zhen Biwen highly praised Zhangjiajie unique landscape and showed his willing to promote Zhangjiajie in Thailand strongly. The newspaper editor of 《Hantai》 Tan Guoan have been to Zhanjiajie for 5 times, he expressed that he would prepare Zhangjiajie Column in 《Hantai》 to let Zhangjiajie well known to every household in Thailand. 
This Tourism Association will further promote the transformation of Zhangjiajie tourism and upgrade development of overseas tourist market.

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