Zhangjiajie tourism promotion delegation sponsored a theme of "Pandora is too far away, but Zhangjiajie is just close" tourism promotion in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore Southeast Asia countries during December 7 to 16. It received a warm welcome and support from the local national Tourism Administration, the national tourism industry associations and major overseas travel agents. President of the National Association of Travel Agents Singapore Zhou Changjun invited Zhangjiajie with enthusiasm and looked forward them to coming every year during his communication with the district mayor of Wulingyuan Chu Xinnian.
In the first stop in Bangkok, Thailand, when tourism promotion delegation announced reception of Thai tourists’ circumstances in 2014 to Tourism Authority of Thailand officials Zheng Biwen, he appreciatively praised: "Zhangjiajie scenery has conquered Thai nationals, the number of tourists to Zhangjiajie this year is twice as last year, next year will grow faster!"
In Penang, Malaysia, the local tourism officials Lin Xiuqin praised landform scenery of Zhangjiajie was" the world NO.1 ", and would like to maintain a good relationship with Zhangjiajie in tourism permanently. She also showed her wish that Zhangjiajie can often come to Malaysia to promote tourism, and more of their citizens would travel to Zhangjiajie. Chinese Tourism Association of Penang, Malaysia, the club president Su Wenjie signed a permanent tourism cooperation agreement with Zhangjiajie Tourism Bureau. The two sides will make joint efforts to expand tourism, and strive each year to transport tourists to Zhangjiajie more than 30,000, and contribute tourist charter flights open as soon as possible. 
In Singapore, friends in tourism industry saw the Avatar Mountain prototype through video, highly praised again and again: "unique mountains, wonderful scenery, It would be great pity not go to Zhangjiajie to see real Avatar!"
The relevant Chinese media overseas, the main local newspapers and television paid much attention to this promotion and reported greatly. Wulingyuan District Mayor Chu Xinnian invited the tourism industry and the press to explore Zhangjiajie on behalf of Wulingyuan Scenic Area Administration. It will open a "green channel" to them. 
 Zhangjiajie National Forest Park Administration, yellow Dragon Cave, Bailong Elevator, Xibu Street, Yellow Stone cable car etc participated in this promotion. 
In recent years, with increasingly exchanges and cooperation with Southeast Asian countries, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore have become major overseas tourist source country. According to incomplete statistics, tourists from Southeast Asian countries are more than 40 million since 2010. 

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