The assessment meeting of overall construction plan for Zhangjiajie National Forest City was held in Zhangjiajie on December 20. After debriefing Hunan Agriculture and Forestry Investigate Design and Research Institute, the Overall Construction Plan for Zhangjiajie National Forest City (2014-2023) was approved by experts from the Publicity Office of the State Forestry Administration, the Chinese Academy of Forestry, the Central South Forest Inventory and Planning Institute of the State Forestry Administration and the Forestry Department of Hunan Province.
On the assessment meeting, the experts agreed that the planning connect the general requirements of Zhangjiajie urban development, grasp the City natural resources, socio-economic characteristics and cultural historical heritage. Forest City construction concept and spatial layout proposed by the planning reflects Zhangjiajie ecological regional characteristics and target to build an international tourist city. Approve of this Planning will promote and guide construction of Zhangjiajie National Forest City.

As a national major ecological function and biodiversity protective area, Zhangjiajie has four national forest parks, two provincial forest parks, one municipal forest park and seven forest ecological nature reserves, with a forest coverage rate of 69.62%. A three-year urban and rural greening plan from 2015 to 2017 was resolved to be carried out in order to accelerate the pace of national forest city, improve urban and rural living environment and promote ecological civilization construction.


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