Recently, a video on internet called “top 10 real amazing places on earth” bring about crazy reproduced by a number of domestic video websites. In the video Zhangye Danxia landform located in the middle of the Hexi Corridor in Gansu Province and Wulingyuan Tianzi Mountain on the list, among which Tianzi Mountain ranked first on the list.
These unique and thin high peaks look so incredible, but they do appear in James Cameron’s Avatar. These peaks formed 380 million years ago in the water. Through water erosion and soften, the sand was swept away, leaving only the stone pillars. Some of them are more than 1200 meters above sea level. There are total about 3000 peaks spread over land of 16,500 acres (70 square kilometers), beautiful also very misty, unique. In this 8 minutes and 36 seconds long video, Tianzi Mountain takes 1 minute 14 seconds.

According to local statistics, 3100 peaks with different sizes and shapes stand in the park. It gains the reputation “three thousand unique peaks, eight hundred elegant waters”, also is praised as "the enlarged potted landscape, miniature fairyland." When Zhangjiajie sandstone landform International Symposium and Geological Society of China, and Geopark Research Branch 25th Annual conference held in Zhangjiajie in 2010, 16 geomorphology authorities from seven countries identified this distinctive features, huge sandstone unique landform as “Zhangjiajie landform”.   
In recent years, Wulingyuan District upgrades the hardware and software of tourism facilities, tourism services and quality improved significantly. Wulingyuan received 15.26 million tourists with tourism revenue of 6.4 billion yuan in 2014.

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