The Changsha-Anchorage-Los Angeles Flight launched its maiden trip on December 28 with 210 passengers, marking the opening of a direct flight from Hunan to America. It is Hunan’s second intercontinental flight after the first Hunan-Europe flight opened this June. The flight detail information is departure from Changsha at 17:35, stop at Anchorage at local time 10:25, and finally arrive Los Angeles at local time 19:25. Return flight detail information is departure from Los Angeles at local time 20:30, stop at Anchorage next day 01:00, arrive Beijing at 06:30. It takes about 17 hours from Changsha to Las Angeles.

Changsha becomes the fourth city in the mainland of China with the air services provided by American airlines after Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Boeing 767-300ER airliners are adopted with the initial form of chartered flights. Twice-weekly regular lines will be available by the end of March in 2015.

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