Icy Challenge Championship launched at 12pm, January 25, 2015 at Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain. Chen Kecai eventually won the championship, and got the reputation as "Ice King 2015" for the longest time 1 hour 4 minutes. 
Tianmen Mountain Icy Challenge Competition took place at the highest point in Tianmen fairy dreaming summit. The challengers, clad in swimsuits, have to receive at least 6 buckets of ice water before qualifying to compete in the final round—bathing in cold water with ice in it. Participant who keeps holding on for the longest time would win. More than 30 people joined in the event on the Tianmen Mountain at 1,518 meters above sea level, with temperatures registering zero degrees Celsius. ordinary people wearing jackets will be frozen. These challengers have to accept the odd cold shower of ice water, blowing fans, eating popsicles and other challenges.   www.zhangjiajietourism.com             A girl takes a bath in a pool full of ice cubes during the “icy challenge” held in Zhangjiajie
           Challengers in ice box during the “icy challenge” held in Zhangjiajie

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